• $97 for Travis Kelce, who will be dangled…

Will Fredo dominate the draft?

What’s the league-wide strategy for the big stacks during the draft?

Who has the most leftover draft cash post-draft, and how much?

How many times does the Commissioner pause the draft due to a childcare need?

Highest price for a non-Running Back?

What technology is most likely to fail during the draft?

How many RB1s will Fredo draft?

Do the top two RBs (CMC, Kamara) go for more than $150, and how does that affect the second tier of RB1s?

Can the Commish’s big stack overcome his Zero WR strategy?

Does a bidding war break out over Kelce?

Will the Architect and his intern actually be able to construct a roster of players who start in week one with their existing budget?

Who is the first manager to run out of draft dollars and be forced to pay $1 for all their remaining players?

How much does Carlos pay for Javante Williams?

What league storyline are you most looking forward to post-draft?


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